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OPPORTUNITA’ SUMMER SCHOOL 2019. Oltre alla summer school su China Studies Tradition and Innovation di cui abbiamo parlato qui, riportiamo qui sotto una lista di summer schools segnalateci dai nostri soci.

EU-China Cooperation, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, 8-19 Luglio (Segnalata da Lorenzo Riccardi, RsA Asia) The swift transformations in the Chinese economy, society and politics are major topics discussed in our media, academia and by policymakers. New analytic frameworks can help us exploring the contrasting narratives on contemporary China, seizing the opportunities unfolding in front of us. Rethink the Chinese way of development with our challenging lessons, engage yourself in the scenery of a 19th-century neoclassical building by debating with Kerry Brown, Markus Taube, Yu Jie, and other outstanding scholars. Application deadline: 15 Maggio Summer school’s link

Mediated and cultural representations in East Asia, Italy and Europe, Università di Messina, 16-19 Luglio (Segnalata da Marco Pellitteri, SISU) This Summer School offers an intensive learning experience where undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students will have the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical and methodological skills and engage in thought-provoking conversations. This program, in addition to offering lectures and lessons on specific topics, will provide students with the opportunity to partake in discussions with international scholars. The program will focus on the mediated and cultural representations between East Asia(namely Japan and Asia), Italy and Europe. The disciplinary fields upon which the school’s teaching sessions, as well as the keynote lectures, will be based are cultural and media sociology, cultural studies, literary and film studies, aesthetics and philosophy. The general range of themes is furthermore informed by the growing importance of the transnational and transregional dynamics involving the circulation of popular cultures and creative industries in Italy/Europe, Japan, and China, and the role of the intellectual and material outputs involved in the mutual receptions/perceptions of the national/cultural contexts at the centre of the school’s interdisciplinary discussions and analyses. Application deadline: 24 Maggio 2019 Summer school’s link:

Doing business in a changing China, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, 1-14 Luglio (Segnalata da Roberto Donà, XJTLU) This new programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to navigate China’s complex business environment, giving you a competitive edge in international business. From the impact of the trade war to socialism and capitalism in the Chinese context, the programme will provide an overview of the many factors influencing China’s business environment. You will not only learn about China’s economy but you will gain an understanding of the role history, culture and tradition play in the country’s continuing development. Application deadline: 30 Maggio Summer school’s link

Econometrics in Agricultural Sciences, Università di Foggia, 1-5 luglio 2019 (Segnalata da Filippo Garini, XJTLU)
La scuola verterà sui seguenti topics: Generalized regression models, endogeneity issues and intro to time series; Limited Dependent Variables (LDV); Panel Data (PD) Models; Advanced topics 1 on LDV and PD (e.g. Hedonic Price, Score matching, Regression discontinuity); Advanced topics 2 on LDV and PD (e.g. Quantile regressions, Meta-regression analysis); Advanced topics 1 on LDV and PD (e.g. Hedonic Price, Score matching, Regression discontinuity). Application deadline 15 Maggio
Summer school’s Link

Bamboo Summer School – International Bamboo Construction Competition (IBCC), Zhejiang University, 19 Luglio International Bamboo Construction Competition (IBCC) is aimed at university students of architecture, civil engineering, landscape and other construction-related courses from across the world. The competition’s objective is to invite students to explore the potential construction applications for both bamboo poles and engineered bamboo products. Application deadline: 15 Maggio IBCC 2019 link

Su richiesta degli organizzatori, segnaliamo infine Experimental auctions Theory and Applications in Food Marketing and Consumer Preferences Analysis summer course (July 2-9, 2019, Montpellier) e Jean Monnet Summer School on Human Rights and Health (July 1-5, Università di Salerno).

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